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The first workshop sold out in 2 weeks! Don't wait to get signed up for this one.

Join us May 12-13 in Dallas, TX

At this workshop, we will tour properties and master train together. This event is open to all HSRA Members and non members. 

There is limited seating so sign up before it's sold out! 


The High 5 Habit



In her global phenomenon The 5 Second Rule, Mel Robbins taught millions of people around the world the five second secret to motivation. Now she's back with another simple, proven tool you can use to take control of your life: The High 5 HabitDon't let the title fool you. This isn't a book about high fiving everyone else in your life. You're already doing that. Cheering for your favorite teams. Celebrating your friends. Supporting the people you love as they go after what they want in life. Imagine if you gave that same love and encouragement to yourself. Or even better, you made it a daily habit. You'd be unstoppable. In this book, Mel teaches you how to start high fiving the most important person in your life, the one who is staring back at you in the mirror: YOURSELF. If you struggle with self-doubt (and who doesn't?)... If you're tired of that nagging critic in your head (could somebody evict them already?)... If you're wildly successful but all you focus on is what's going wrong (you're not alone)... If you're sick of watching everybody else get ahead while you sit on the couch with your dog (don't bring your dog into this)...Mel dedicates this book to you. Using her signature science-backed wisdom, deeply personal stories, and the real-life results that The High 5 Habit is creating in people's lives around the world (and you'll meet a lot of them throughout this book), Mel will teach you how to make believing in yourself a habit so that you operate with the confidence that your goals and dreams demand. The High 5 Habit is a simple yet profound tool that changes your attitude, your mindset, and your behavior. So be prepared to laugh and learn as you take steps to immediately boost your confidence, happiness, and results.


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JSJ Consultants 

JSJ can help you save time and money on your bookkeeping and other financial services.


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STR Quote

Get connected with an expert Staging company to make your Short-Term Rental Next Level.
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R&R Financial

 R&R will help you acquire all the inventory you’d like to run your staging business in the most efficient and profitable manner possible.

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Hire A Stager

Get connected with an expert Staging company to make your Property Next Level.
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Sphere Rocket

Have you ever wanted a virtual assistant but didn't want to pay a pretty penny? Sphere Rocket VAs are experts in the Real Estate Industry all at an affordable price.

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Artificial intelligence makes it fast & easy to create content for your blog, social media, website, and more! Rated 5/5 stars in 3,000+ reviews.
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Get your teams working in sync. With indema, conversations and processes are structured in one tool. Create the focus and clarity your team needs to get their best work done.

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The Academy of Home Staging & Design

Design and business start-up training for home staging and design


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Verb Media

VERB in global relationships.  The team also consists of multiple editors, a copywriter & an audio engineer. From New York to across the pond, the team stays connected through the latest technology for faster turnaround times and more productivity.  

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